Vol. 2, Ep. 3: Vibing Into a Dreamscape

Link to the show: Young Adult Movie Ministry Vol. 2 Episode 3 on Substack
Release date: September 3, 2021

Movie of the Week

The Green Knight (2021), directed by David Lowery
[In theaters; digital rental on Amazon]

Who the Hosts Are This Week

Sam is editor of Forever Wars, reporter for hire, and chivalrous fellow. Alissa is Vox’s film critic and a devious witch lady.

Special Guest

Isaac Butler is a journalist and cultural historian, author of the upcoming book The Method, and host of the Slate podcast Working. Isaac previously appeared on YAMMPOD discussing The Last Temptation of Christ on Episode 35. (Isaac is the CGI fox.)

Other Mentions

What is your takeaway from the movie?

Isaac: Be careful the things you say; children will listen. Be careful the things you do: children will see.

1) You should not abandon your girlfriend even if you become king.
2) If your mom gives you a green belt with gold woven into it, exercise caution.
3) Never trust Barry Keoghan ever.
4) Be honorable, but it’s OK to not want to be beheaded.
5) Why are men?

Sam: You don’t have to be awesome. That’s fine. If you have a girlfriend at the start of the movie, and she seems nice, maybe just stick with that!